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At awesome 3d we want you to get the best possible result out of the printer. Here are a few steps to help you…


Object Thickness

Make sure the object has a thickness. If they are only a surface then the printer won’t print them. We recommend at least 1mm thick. Thinner than this and the parts can be too fragile. If you need thinner then please ‘Contact Us’ So we can help.


Everything Joined Together

Un-joined surfaces won’t have a thickness and will be missed out when printing.


Ghost Parts

When drawing an object it’s easy to leave parts that haven’t been deleted inside your finished work. The printer will try and print them too, this can make the build more expensive as it takes longer.


Non-Manifold Edges

These are edges or shape that can’t exist in the real world. They can’t be printed, this might mean a bit of a redesign to get rid of them.


Lay It Down

The higher the object the longer it takes, the longer it takes the more it costs. The arrow would take over 15 hours to print standing up! We will always arrange your object for the quickest print, but we will have to check with you so this might cause a bit of a delay


File Type

The best type of file is a “.Stl (binary)”. This is a file type supported by most 3d design packages. Other files that work are “.OBJ”.


Other useful information can be found here.

If you have any more questions then please ‘Contact Us‘.